Benefits of incorporating email marketing into your digital strategies

If your company bases its digital strategies on emails, you surely know all the advantages that email marketing offers. This strategy is very popular among companies thanks to its great reach. In addition, it offers the possibility of making mass mailings and segmented to reach your target audience. Many people believe that emailing is not functional because they consider it to be an ineffective method, or that it has lost some of its magic. Besides, it is well known that nowadays, there are companies that use them to send indiscriminate mails promoting products or services. This has caused users to end up marking a large amount of mail as spam. Despite these conditions, the email marketing tool has now increased its boom exponentially. So much so that it is now considered a part of many companies’ digital strategy, which manages to achieve direct and personal communication with your customers and leads. Here are some of the advantages of email marketing: 1. It is one of the smallest investments you will ever make in advertising. This is one of the characteristics that customers like the most, mainly small, or medium companies that do not have enough money to invest in large advertising campaigns. There are currently free tools on the market that provide attractive service packages for companies. The only requirement you need is to have clear objectives, a strategy and your own database. The rest of the work will be done by the platform you have chosen to help you in this work. 2. An efficient and cost-effective tool Many times, email marketing campaigns turn out to be more effective for companies, even surpassing social networks in some aspects. In a study conducted in 2019, it is shown that email marketing is capable of generating a ROI of 122%. This high number has not been exceeded so far by any other means in efficiency and profitability. 3.- Types of emails with a simple design and adaptable to any device. When it comes to email marketing and its benefits, it is impossible not to mention that one of its advantages is that they can be viewed on many devices. With this we want to show that emails can be opened and read from any computer: laptop, tablets and mobile. Currently, one of the benefits of these platforms is that they already provide these tools, which further simplifies your advertising management. 4. It is an interactive and sociable tool With the advance of technology, today we can say that those emails based on static images and text, are in the past. Now, your campaigns will be more interactive thanks to multimedia files such as videos and gifs. We use the term social, referring in part to social networks. Both tools complement each other very well, even though they are two different channels. This gives users the opportunity to share the campaign on their social profiles, which will generate greater visibility and at no cost. It is a way to get publicity for free and it is quite effective. As long as you have good content. 7. Tool for measuring results Another advantage of email marketing is to measure the results of your campaign very simply and quickly. This type of tool offers you reports of your campaigns in real time so that you can make decisions immediately. 8. Take advantage over your competitors and increase web traffic One of the most important advantages offered by the email marketing tool is that you can generate increased traffic to your website. This is because through this tool you can promote your blog. In addition, since you have the option of integrating social networks, you will have two successful channels to achieve this. Once we have exposed some of the advantages of email marketing, we want you to know that there are a whole series of good practices that you must take into account if you want to succeed with your strategy. Which we mention below: • – To have defined objectives. • – Have an updated database • – Use simple but direct and warm forms of writing • – The subject of the mail is the most important part; with it you will catch or lose your client. • – Use a correct segmentation of customers you are trying to reach. • – Find the right time ranges, in which your customers will see your emails. Avoid saturating your recipients’ mail. If you need a good email marketing platform that can make massive and segmented shipments, that guarantees deliverability and increases your opening rates, Mailtomeasure is the solution you are looking for. Try it now!



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