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What is a mail list?

It is the set of emails to which a campaign will be sent.

What is a CSV file?

It is a widely used text file when it comes to managing databases. In this file the columns are separated by commas or semicolons, delimiting the fields, while each form forms a complete record. Excel, Google contacts, Microsoft Outlook and others allow you to export to this format.

What is a campaign?

It is the data set (sender name, subject, campaign design, campaign content, etc.) that will be sent to one or more lists.

What is authenticating an email and why do I have to?

It is the way to show that you are the owner or have the authorization to send emails as a sender of a specific address, for example emma@mycompany.com. When you create a campaign, you can easily authenticate it during the process.

What are hard bounces and soft bounces?

A hard bounce is a recipient of a list, for example pablo@emailfalso.com, that does not exist. By sending an email to this person we will be notified of its absence. It is common that emails that were previously used no longer exist because their owner has canceled or stopped using their email account.
A soft bounce is a temporary sending error, for example if the recipient has an inbox full, their server is temporarily busy, etc. In these cases it is tried to make several shipments at different times automatically.

What is a complaint?

When the email recipient marks the email as spam. In future campaigns, no sending will be made automatically to these emails, even if they are included in lists where you have not associated a campaign before.

What are the "clicks" that appear on my shipping reports?

The number of times someone has clicked on any of the links in the campaign you have sent.

Will my servers be used to send the campaigns?

No, the provider uses its own servers to make shipments. These servers have a high reputation, which will help your campaigns not be classified as SPAM. You can configure any of your emails to appear as the sender in your shipments.

Is it legal for me to send newsletters to my clients?

Yes, as long as they have given you their consent to send them your newsletters. Another requirement is that the newsletter includes the sender's information (your company and address) and an easy-to-find link so that your subscribers can unsubscribe if they wish. We will guide you through this process whether you build an email with our editor or import it from an HTML source.

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